What is a Superstar Mindset?

Take a moment to think deeply about the most prominent superstar in your life. Do you have someone in mind?

The first time I performed this exercise with a group of students, I was surprised when not one person envisioned a celebrity as the biggest superstar. Parents, siblings, relatives, friends, teachers, and coaches made up much of the list. While famous people can definitely serve as incredible sources of inspiration, the results of this activity emphasized the profound power we have to influence those around us on a daily basis. True superstars live everywhere. In fact, you are a superstar; you just might not know it…yet.

Forget fortune and fame—the world’s most respected people, no matter their craft and notoriety, share a common attribute that I call the superstar mindset: a genuine desire to develop and contribute. Whether you speak of Mother Teresa or Michael Jordan, family members or friends, or musicians or mechanics, those who seek to better themselves and help in meaningful ways will see positive results, gain respect, and become sources of inspiration in life. So cool, so admirable, and best of all, so possible.

Schools are filled with superstar potential but are not filled with superstars, which is a big problem that this little book can solve. The ideas presented in this book will help you cultivate qualities that put you in high demand and even higher regard. You will sharpen your skill set and brighten each room you enter. Once you adopt the superstar mindset, more and more you will create moments in your life where you are living kindly, learning continuously, and contributing meaningfully. The more of these moments you create, the better your life will become, both now and in the future.

Come graduation night, when you walk across the stage to accept your diploma, people will be thinking, “That person is going to wow people wherever he or she goes in life.” Superstars are in the business of wowing people, and, in turn, people love rooting for and connecting with superstars. Once you have a genuine desire to develop and contribute, new windows of opportunity will begin flying open for you. Are you ready? It’s time to transform from student to superstar.

Superstar Mindset:

A genuine desire to develop and contribute

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