You are a star – you just don’t know it yet.

Packed with insightful stories and thought-provoking activities, The Superstar Curriculum is transforming the way teenagers approach school and life.

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Hi, I’m Ryan Keliher

I’m a high school teacher and the author of The Superstar Curriculum.  After working with teenagers for over a decade, I realized that the most important conversations I’ve ever had with students were about everyday success principles more than course content. I wrote this book to help empower teenagers to see school as an opportunity instead of an obligation. 

The truth is, I believe you have star power.  After reading this book, I think you will begin to see life and learning differently than before. You will see opportunities where others do not, and the positive results will follow.  Are you ready to shine? It’s time to launch yourself into rare air.  

Benefits of the Book

Since its release, The Superstar Curriculum has helped thousands of teenagers unlock new and easy ways to strengthen relationships, improve self-confidence, lead by example, and inspire others.  In this short book, I’ll explain how adopting a ‘Superstar Mindset’ will transform your approach to school and life. Here’s a powerful review I received from a 16-year-old reader:

“I’ve never liked books but this is a book everyone must read. It has helped me so much in school and mentally, I finally feel like I have a purpose and I look at everything so differently. I enjoy going to school its crazy because a week ago the only reason I was going to school was to leave my house and get nicotine, everyday of school was so boring and I was just trying to get through the day. I hated my life to be honest I wished I was never born. I had the worst year.  Just last year I was skipping all my classes, of course I failed 3 of my classes, I thought my life was over and I wouldn’t make it anywhere in life.

Now I’m planning on staying in school and focusing in class, also helping everyone as much as possible. I want to pass all my classes and keep this amazing mindset. The chapters that stood out to me the most were “Don’t let your past define you” and “Being good to everyone” it seems simple but it makes so big of a difference, the feeling you get after helping someone is unexplainable the rush is amazing its the best high you can ask for and it’s a healthy one.

I have tried my best to help everyone around me and being the best I can be. I now realize I still have so much ahead of me and I’m extremely grateful to be alive right now. Even my mom has seen change so I told her about the book and she wanted to read it.”

I’m thrilled to report that this student earned all credits the following semester and has an improved outlook on life. This student was always a star – I’m happy the book helped in realizing it.

Written with Care

  • Layout and word choice are carefully crafted to respect teenagers as young adults 
  • Conversational tone makes for light, easy reading
  • Short chapters (4 pages or less) are purposefully designed with reluctant readers in mind
  • Each chapter stands alone so readers can jump around as they wish
  • Self-assessment questions after each chapter help readers internalize concepts
  • Works as an independent read or full class/team activity
  • Valuable conversational resource to teachers, parents, or coaches
  • Every chapter will challenge your thinking in 10 minutes or less
  • A perfect gift for a teenager you believe in
  • Written by a veteran teenager at heart! 

Other Superstar Testimonials

“It’s unlike any book I’ve ever read. It changed the way I view school.”

“It’s the only book I’ve read twice since I left high school. I live my life by it now.”

“It has done nothing but encourage me to become a better person each day.”

“If I had one wish, it would be that this book would have been available at the start of my high school journey.”

“After reading The Superstar Curriculum, I realized that education was one of the biggest investments I’ve made in my life.”

“It is a book I would recommend to anyone.”

“This book is a must for any teenager. Filled with amazing practical advice and written in a way that will captivate younger readers with that short teenage attention span.”

“Superstar Curriculum, although targeted to the teenage reader, serves as a beneficial read for educators.”

“The short chapters with relatable stories and tips to succeed make for an easy and enjoyable read.”

“This book provides the advice and knowledge we all wish we’d known as teenagers…and presents it in a non-preachy, non-parental way.”


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