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Are you ready to create your best life?

Some of the world’s most fascinating people have extraordinary approaches to life. The truth is, you are a superstar; you just might not know it yet.

The Superstar Curriculum will unlock new ways to strengthen relationships, improve self-confidence, lead by example, inspire others, and more. It is the small book that sets teens up for big success. 


Superstar Testimonials

“It’s unlike any book I’ve ever read. It changed the way I view school.”

“It’s the only book I’ve read twice since I left high school. I live my life by it now.”

“It has done nothing but encourage me to become a better person each day.”

“If I had one wish, it would be that this book would have been available at the start of my high school journey.”

“After reading The Superstar Curriculum, I realized that education was one of the biggest investments I’ve made in my life.”

“It is a book I would recommend to anyone.”

“This book is a must for any teenager. Filled with amazing practical advice and written in a way that will captivate younger readers with that short teenage attention span.”

“Superstar Curriculum, although targeted to the teenage reader, serves as a beneficial read for educators.”

“The short chapters with relatable stories and tips to succeed make for an easy and enjoyable read.”

“This book provides the advice and knowledge we all wish we’d known as teenagers…and presents it in a non-preachy, non-parental way.”


What You Will Learn Chapter by Chapter:

Stage 1: Develop Your Character

  1. The best kind of person is a kind person.
  2. The clothes you wear won’t always remain popular, but the good manners you demonstrate will always be in style.
  3. Changing your outlook can change your life.
  4. Mindful people, committed to a greater cause, refine the world.
  5. The only thing better than having a friend who brings out the best in you is being that friend to others.
  6. One act of kindness can be all it takes to make someone feel better about life.
  7. Your actions create your habits, so when your actions become goal driven, achieving your goals will become a habit.

Stage 2 – Develop Your Mind

  1. The work ethic you display holds far more value than any grade you will ever receive.
  2. A resilient mindset, coupled with an internal work ethic can an external support network, will enable you to face any challenge with optimism.
  3. Having the willpower to persist through challenging times develops flexible thinking skills that open your mind to new perspectives and solutions.
  4. Beginning something creates a beginner’s mindset, but manufacturing momentum establishes a master’s mindset.
  5. In pursuit of a goal, sometimes what you don’t do matters just as much as what you do, for it heightens your focus on what you value most.
  6. Once you develop a mindset that values taking responsibility and tackling challenges, your life becomes more exciting and rewarding.
  7. When practice is easy, improving is tough, but when practice is tough, improving is easy.

Stage 3 – Develop Your Opportunities

  1. If you can save yourself from costly decisions, your time will be well spent and your future will be rich.
  2. What you do with your time is what you do with your life.
  3. Simply put, deciding to read is deciding to grow.
  4. There is no bigger superstar than someone who helps others.
  5. Your willingness to listen speaks volumes about your capacity to learn.
  6. Unfamiliar territories and uncomfortable challenges create unforgettable experiences and unprecedented growth.
  7. It is the mindset, not the mind, that fuels our learning and growth.

Stage 4 – Develop Your Leadership

  1. Believing in yourself and others will make your life unbelievable.
  2. Don’t let your yesterdays ruin your todays or restrict your tomorrows.
  3. Gradual improvement is key; with enough daily wins, you become an all-star.
  4. A plant still grows in the rain, but a ray of sunshine makes a world of difference; positivity will only help you blossom into a beautiful person who leads and loves.
  5. Having the courage to be the most positive, authentic, and ever-improving version of yourself is the most precious gift you can give the world.
  6. Inspiration is a beautiful gift; it is great to receive, but giving the gift of inspiration to others is even more gratifying.
  7. When you become excited about the positive changes you can make, your greatest moments await you.

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